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Our Day

Before School

We have morning only toys/games/puzzles available and kids are to remain "engaged" in an activity at all times.  
Breakfast is available until 7:15 as we start to prep all kids to leave.   Our day looks like:

6:00                  Open & Center play is
6:30                   Breakfast is Open
7:15                    Breakfast service is completed
7:30                   Toys are cleaned up
7:40                   Load our bus
                          Frontier Bus leaves
7:45                   Bus leaves for Venture and then  
                           goes to Legacy


After School

We are fortunate to have an entire building dedicated to our program.  Each teachers has their own room and a daily schedule that fits their group of kids. A sample of our schedule looks like this:

3:00                   Venture & Frontier bus is loading
3:10                    Snack
3:15                    Pick up Legacy andn then snack
3:30                   Each room is scheduled an activity in                               their room and outside.  
5:15                    All kids in the commons


No School Days

Our activities for the day are published two weeks prior.  

6:00                         Centers
 Breakfast is open
8:15                          Breakfast is closed
8:30                         Huddle  (Large group and we talk about our day)
9:00                         Our morn
ing options begin
11:30                        Lunch

12:30                        Afternoon option begins
3:00                         Snack
3:30                         Afternoon Choices

Our no school days are special days with out of the box programming.  We also schedue a least one field trip/day  every day school is not in session.  Our field trips usually contain: 

Midco Aquatic Center                              Air Madness
Movie Theatre                                           Children's Museum
Roller Skating                                            Sledding
605 Ninja                                             
    Apple Orchard


What We Offer


Kids  Favorites

Magnatiles, Hashtags, Lego's, Knex, MarbleWorks, 



We provide a wide variety of pictures and pieces/size that keep the kids engaged. Some puzzles take days and we are able to keep it up on the table until it's done.  


9-Square in the Air & Gaga Ball

We are able to facilitate a variety of activities in our "backyard" (outside). We have tables ready for out inside toys to come outside.  Too hot?  We have large umbrellas and a canopy for extra shade.  



We are very intentional about teaching kids games.  There are so many skills that come along with learning a variety of games.  It's more than just playing a game, it's also about setting it up, learning rules, cleaning it up correctly, making sure all of the pieces make it in the box and put it away correctly.  Stacks of games.  


Arts & Crafts

We always have a minimum of paper and markers available at all times.  We also have a mobile cart with many more supplies for kids to create and design.  



We have a 45 passenger bus, and two mini busses for transporting our kids.  We provide to and from schools, pools and  many field trips.  

Our boys have been with Mary's program over two years.  We love the activities and field trips, they are never bored.  Great communication too!  Staff is the best!  

R York

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